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Welcome to Preschool! 

0003.JPGMy name is Stacey Anderson.  I have an Early Childhood Degree from South Dakota State University as well as an Elementary Education Degree from The University of South Dakota. 
I have been teaching Head Start/Preschool since 2007 and have been the Head Start/Preschool teacher in Garretson since 2009.  I find great joy in watching my students learn and discover every day.  I enjoy singing, dancing, and getting messy with my students as we learn about the world around us!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or victories at or 605-594-3451 ext 301.



The Garretson School District has made every reasonable attempt to insure that webpages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the Garretson School District Acceptable Use Policy. 


Preschool​ Schedule


8:00-8:15 - Arrival/Books
8:15-8:45 -  Welcome & Large Group
8:45-8:55 - Bathroom Break
8:55-9:15 - Recess & Drinks
9:15-9:35 - Small Group
9:35-10:25 - Work Time
10:25-10:35 - Clean Up
10:35-10:45 - Dismiss


11:45-12:30 - Head Start Lunch & Brushing Teeth
12:30-12:35 - Arrival/Books
12:35-1:05 - Welcome & Large Group
1:05-1:35 - Recess
1:35-1:45 - Bathroom & Drinks
1:45-2:05 - Snack
2:05-2:15 - Small Group
2:15-3:05 - Work Time
3:05-3:10 - Clean Up
3:10-3:20 - Dismiss

D​istrict Expectations

Show respect to yourself, others, and all property

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Be an involved and responsible learner